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本文摘要:America’s largest technology companies have joined Apple’s fight against the government over data protection and security, in an unusual display of unity by the Silicon Valley rivals. 美国大型科技公司争相重新加入苹果(Apple)的战队,反对后者就数据保护和安全性与美国政府展开斗争。


America’s largest technology companies have joined Apple’s fight against the government over data protection and security, in an unusual display of unity by the Silicon Valley rivals. 美国大型科技公司争相重新加入苹果(Apple)的战队,反对后者就数据保护和安全性与美国政府展开斗争。这些相互竞争的硅谷公司在此事上展现出出有了异乎寻常的团结一致。More than a dozen motions filed on Thursday sided with Apple as it tries to resist a demand to write software that would help the FBI unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. Civil liberties groups and IT trade associations lined up alongside dozens of law professors and cryptography experts, after Apple filed its own motion for the judicial order to be withdrawn last week. 周四,这些公司递交了十几份动议,反对苹果希望杯葛一项要其撰写软件老大美国联邦调查局(FBI)关卡圣贝纳迪诺枪击案凶手iPhone的拒绝。

上周苹果递交拒绝撤消这一法庭令其的动议后,公民自由的组织、信息科技行业协会以及数十名法学教授和密码学专家牵头一起车站在苹果一旁。“If the government prevails, then this case will be the first of many requiring companies to degrade the security and to undermine the trust in their products so essential to privacy in the digital age,” the American Civil Liberties Union wrote in its brief. 美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)在其案情概要中写到:“如果政府获得胜利,那么此案将促成许多拒绝企业减少安全性和自爆人们对其产品信任的案子,而在这个数字化时代,安全性和信任对于隐私具有至关重要的意义。” James Comey, FBI chief, warned at a congressional hearing this week of the dangers of creating “warrant-proof spaces”, saying: “The tools we use to keep you safe are becoming less and less effective.” FBI局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)本周在美国国会听证会上针对可谓“外用令状空间”的危险性收到警告,他回应:“我们用来维护人们安全性的手段于是以渐渐丧失效力。

” In one heavyweight grouping led by Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, 15 tech companies collectively worth more than $2tn said the government’s order against Apple “exceeds the bounds of existing law and, when applied more broadly, will harm Americans’ security in the long run”. 以谷歌(Google)、微软公司(Microsoft)、Facebook和亚马逊(Amazon)派、合计市值多达2万亿美元的15家重量级科技公司回应,美国政府对苹果的命令“容忍了现行法律的界限,若被更为普遍地使用,必将伤害美国人的安全性。” The companies, who also include Cisco, Dropbox, Snapchat and Yahoo and are together used by billions of people around the world, noted that they “often compete vigorously with Apple — and with each other” but “here speak in one voice because of the singular importance of this case to them and their customers”. Users were demanding increased protection from hackers as they store more and more personal information on devices such as smartphones, they said. 这些公司还包括思科(Cisco)、Dropbox、Snapchat和雅虎(Yahoo!),它们在全世界合计享有数十亿用户。这些公司认为,它们“与苹果、以及彼此之间常常进行白热化竞争”,但“现在以一个声音倾听,是因为此案对它们以及它们的用户具有独有的重要性”。

它们回应,随着用户往智能手机等设备里存储的个人信息更加多,他们也在拒绝强化保护措施、避免黑客入侵。While being careful to note that they were not “shielding those who break the law”, the group said it wanted to resist the government’s attempt to “commandeer a company’s own engineers to undermine their products’ data security features”. If their engineers were forced to rewrite their software in this way, “those new versions would not be the same product any more. Box would not be Box; Gmail would not be Gmail; WhatsApp would not be WhatsApp; and so on”. 这些企业慎重地认为,它们并不是在“维护犯法者”,而是想要杯葛政府“强征一家企业的工程师去毁坏他们产品数据安全特性”的企图。如果以这种方式被迫它们的工程师改写它们的软件,“那些新的版本将仍然是原本的产品。



Box将仍然是Box,Gmail将仍然是Gmail,WhatsApp将仍然是WhatsApp,别的也是如此。” A second group of tech companies including Airbnb, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and eBay made a separate filing accusing the government of “circumventing the procedures adopted by Congress” to “enlist the judiciary in re-writing laws without engaging in an essential public debate”. 还包括Airbnb、Twitter、领英(LinkedIn)、Reddit和eBay在内的另一群科技公司也递交了动议,指责政府“绕过国会通过的流程,在不进行适当的公开发表辩论的情况下就纳司法部门改写法律。



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